Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Capturing the moment or killing it?

It started out innocently enough. I just wanted to capture the joy of the moment with a picture. I had taken a lovely photo of the children running on this beautiful secluded beach exactly a year ago and I thought it would be nice to have an updated picture.

So I started snapping away,

 but the kids weren't looking in exactly the right direction at the right time...

so I started giving directions, which turned into barking out orders, which turned into losing all of the joy and spontaneity of the moment.

My husband gently told me that the kids had had enough, and the picture probably wasn't worth the price.

So I finally backed off and let the kids just do their thing.

I've found it hard getting good pictures of children (especially if you're after a particular thing). The magic is in the moment and sometimes if you start poking around with a camera it can get in the way of that moment. But maybe if I just keep quiet and don't get the camera out too much I'll catch a few of those magically sweet moments.  (The last two photos were taken by my sister Ellen.)

Modern "Gathered In" Quilt - and a little disaster

I'm running a little late for Blogger's Quilt Festival, but I have a good reason and I'll share that disaster story in a moment (it has something to do with my 2 year old.)

I'm excited to be teaching a class on my Gathered In pattern in January next year and I wanted to make an updated version to show how different the pattern could look with modern fabrics. Lotta Jansdotta's fabrics were just perfect for a crisp clean look. I also added an extra row of blocks to make it a little bit bigger.

The original quilt featured French General fabrics, which were softer and much more traditional (and also very beautiful.) Then I added a baby sized version to the pattern. You can find the pdf pattern here.

It was fun trying out my newly acquired free motion quilting skills. I was terrified to start, but I have to say I absolutely loved this quilting design (from Angela Walter's book). It was much easier for me than random meandering quilting. Maybe that's because it's the type of thing I'd doodle while on the phone, so it's a more natural action for me. I'll definitely be using this design again.

I love the texture it gives to the quilt and especially the way it fills all of the negative space.

Even though I was in a rush to get this one finished, I'm glad I took the time to add a simple pieced back. I do like a double sided quilt.

So now for the story... I have been really bogged down with moving house while dealing with morning sickness while having sick children for weeks. Well, it finally seemed like things had settled down and I could do a little quilting again. I decided to finish off this quilt (I made a quilt top a while back) so it could be shown at the Adelaide Quilting and Craft Show to advertise my class, but I only had one week to complete it. Well I quilted with gusto whenever the children were asleep! Even when I felt really tired I quilted and was amazed how invigorating it was. After a few days the quilt was nearly finished, just half of the binding to go. Getting a little excited, I decided to finish of the binding while the children played. After a while my little Gracie decided she wanted my attention and came up and told me she had a sore tummy. The thought went through my mind "put it away and focus on your baby - she needs you and you would be devastated if she vomited on your quilt." I wasn't sure if she was sick or not so I said "I'll just finish off this little bit and then we'll have a snuggle, okay?" Next thing I knew she vomited all over the quilt! I couldn't believe it. I was so mad at myself for not listening to that little voice. Fortunately I could pop it straight in the wash and out on the line to dry, and after a quick iron it came out as good as new!

Fortunately Grace is feeling much better too.

Enjoy Blogger's Quilt Festival. There's lots of fantastic prizes (I'm proud to be a sponsor) and boundless talent on show. Thanks Amy for putting on such a great event!