Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Capturing the moment or killing it?

It started out innocently enough. I just wanted to capture the joy of the moment with a picture. I had taken a lovely photo of the children running on this beautiful secluded beach exactly a year ago and I thought it would be nice to have an updated picture.

So I started snapping away,

 but the kids weren't looking in exactly the right direction at the right time...

so I started giving directions, which turned into barking out orders, which turned into losing all of the joy and spontaneity of the moment.

My husband gently told me that the kids had had enough, and the picture probably wasn't worth the price.

So I finally backed off and let the kids just do their thing.

I've found it hard getting good pictures of children (especially if you're after a particular thing). The magic is in the moment and sometimes if you start poking around with a camera it can get in the way of that moment. But maybe if I just keep quiet and don't get the camera out too much I'll catch a few of those magically sweet moments.  (The last two photos were taken by my sister Ellen.)


  1. love all of these. I once spent an entire hour trying to photograph my 4 grand daughters in my backyard.... I just wanted them all smiling at the camera.......impossible! Little monkeys :-)

  2. I have tried the grandchildren picture too... my best pics are of them doing what they do. So i just snap snap snap for a while... most of the pictures I toss and every once in a while i get a gem.


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