I have always thought of myself as mathematically minded, but not particularly artistic. It wasn't until recently (late 2008) that I found a passion for quilting and designing. Like many of you, I'm self-taught, using inspirational quilting books and tutorials from the internet. The gorgeous fresh fabrics that are now available have helped me develop my creative/artistic side. My dad's a graphic designer and my grandmother's a seamstress, so maybe I've inherited a little from them after all!  I love quilts that are simple, modern and fresh... and quick. I particularly love using the 'stack and slash' method of quilting as it's easy to get that great improvisational look without cutting individual strips.

I live in Adelaide, Australia, with my very supportive husband, and three young children, Sarah, Dane and Grace. Although I enjoy being a speech pathologist, I've found a real passion in quilting. My husband Todd takes the photos, helps with the technical side of things and gives me a tonne of encouragement.

I love everything about quilting - running my fingers over the fabric, dreaming of new designs, calculating the measurements for patterns, taking that first slice into the fabric, the hum of the sewing machine and enjoying the serenity of hand quilting.

I hope you enjoy my patterns. I would love to hear from you, especially if you have created something inspired from my site. Email me at kateeconklin@gmail.com